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Contest #3 Results

First Place:

Title: Her Glorious Dreams
Rating: PG-13

She lowered her wand-arm as the phantasmal green waves it emitted only moments before faded into a brief flash across her memory.

At her feet lay three crumpled bodies, unmarked: Green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes. Blank, glassy Muggle gazes.

Her standing orders required she cut them down without thought, the non-humans. After all, her Master whispered impressions of a reborn world, ruled by those who’d carved it from the rough, impure now, in her ears.

Bella smiled as she stepped gracefully over gaping corpses.

Obedience was never a question of right or wrong. There was no question at all.

by rainy_day. The Order recieves 300 points

Second Place (a tie!):

Title: Becoming More
Rating: G

When he thought of where he was going with his life, he only considered rising above what was expected of him. It was never a question of right or wrong. He knew he wanted power. He knew he wanted to prove that he was worth more than his worthless father’s name. He wanted to show the entire world, not just he magical world, that he was a force to be reckoned with. He knew at a young age there would be a day when people feared to speak his name. No, it never was a question of right or wrong.

by mollywobblez


Rating: PG

It was never a question of right or wrong. They were my friends, true, but I couldn’t let them be the death of me – of my family. Mother. She might have understood, but then, she wouldn’t have been around to tell me so.

Maybe it still haunts me. Maybe a silver hand and the privilege of breathing are pale substitutes for Prongs’ life. Maybe I’m not the man I was then. But I couldn’t be bothered to philosophize about it if I were dead. It was never a question of right or wrong. There was never a question at all.

by daintress

Both the Order and the Death Eaters recieve 200 points.

Third Place:

Title:Draco's Choice
Rating: G

He’ll kill my father. He said he’d do it if I don’t join him and do what he asks of me.

On one hand, I knew I’d end up following him. He’s the only person that can bring Purebloods back into the position we deserve, not hidden away. There’s no better cause to fight for - that’s what father always said.

On the other hand, I’m not ready. I’m too young to be killing people, too young for what he wants of me.

I’m taking the mark. It’s not a question of right or wrong. It’s about saving my father.

by adelrya. The Death Eaters recieve 100 points.

Congrats to everyone, and look for the next contest to be up soon!
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