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Daily Prophet Contest!

Daily Prophet Contest for April

Prompt: Write a story about our loveable Pranksters - either the Weasley twins or the Mauraders - pulling pranks for fun and profit! Let's get into the spirit of April Fool's! No word count requirement :).

To Submit an entry:

Use the form below:


1. Place </textarea> after your entry.
2. One entry per person.
3. Entries must be original for this contest and must remain anonymous.
4. PUT YOUR CAMP IN THE SUBJECT LINE or be disqualified.
5. Your story must agree with canon – that is, names, places and spells must be spelled correctly. If you’re unsure of something, check the lexicon before submitting.

All Entries are due by April 27th at 11:59pm EDT. Here’s a list of what time it is where, so you can figure out the times and whatnot.


First Place: 300 pts
Second Place: 200 pts
Third Place:100 pts

Participation: 10 pts

Leave any questions or concerns as a comment to this post. All comments are screened.
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